Our Vision

The Ripple Effect uses the universal language of music, as well as cultural heritage and education, to spark a new and constructive global conversation uniting us in our common humanity and search for beauty. Although the mission’s aspirations reach across divergent cultures, countries, languages and creative forms, initially we are targeting the collaboration between the United States and China engaging all those pillaring the tenets of power, e.g.  educational, political, business, grassroots. We begin by engaging children and young adults to ensure the normalization of sought-for common humanity for future generations and welcome all to the conversation.


Our Mission

The Ripple Effect's Mission is to reach, connect, bridge and expand hearts and minds through the unique sounds, harmony and culture of American and Chinese folk music.

The Ripple Effect hopes to reach the ears and hearts of all those around the globe attracted to the power of music and culture to heal destructive powers, inspire connection and re-imagine a harmonious future. Our goal is to grow a community of like-minded artists and cultural leaders, with Fei & Abigail being the first “drop in the water” at the heart of The Ripple Effect’s emergence as an organization. Our strategy will target:

  1. Children and College-aged Youths
  2. Chinese, Americans and Chinese-Americans
  3. Emissaries of The Ripple Effect’s mission

First Projects
Action Steps

- ONE-

Continue working with Tennessee schools to test the curriculum prototype in hopes of bringing it to full scale as a national curriculum supplement;

- TWO -

Coming in Spring 2018 - Partner with UNC Chapel Hill and Carolina Performing Arts to create and launch a 3-year school visit program targeting underserved public schools in North Carolina;


Partner with the Peabody School of Education at Vanderbilt University to create and distribute educational materials around each of their banjo-guzheng compositions with a general focus on cross-cultural creation and connection;

- FOUR -

Create a series of excellent quality music videos for each song to be used in conjunction with the educational curriculum as mentioned in the latter.


Our story

Two Cultures, One Voice. 

A first look at Abigail Washburn & Wu Fei's journey to creating the The Ripple Effect.


An interview with Abigail Washburn & Wu Fei. Produced by CGTN, with special thanks to Sahar Sarshar.

Water is Wide/Wusuli Boat Song performed at Middleburg College.

Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn at Music City Roots in Nashville, TN.


For more info on Abigail Washburn, visit: abigailwashburn.com

For more info on Wu Fei, visit: wufeimusic.com